6.    You will also find tips for a long and profitable career, which constitute a little philosophy of success and make it possible to see things from a different angle. These tips are applicable to any profession and any field you might work in.

Find the right job for a secure future

People must not allow excuses to create their life – this is the fundamental motto of the book. Any problem can be solved in some way, if we try to find it. The authors emphasize that this kind of thinking is necessary for greater self-confidence, and therefore - greater success.

About the authors

Prof. dr Valentin Kuleto is the founder and president of LINK group, a company well-known for its success in primary and secondary education, as well as professional education and certification in modern business and IT. Following a clear mission, he raised a unique system of 24 educational institutions and services that have been helping people to become more successful for 20 years.

Dragan Varagić is a consultant on the use of internet in business; entrepreneur, professional lecturer, blogger. He is also an owner, author, mentor and co-founder of several prominent startup companies, including some in the area of education.

He has worked in the non-formal education sector since 1991, and taught at several higher education institutions in the country and the region since 2003. He has been active in internet business since 1988, as one of the pioneers of internet entrepreneurship in Serbia.



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