Case Study Competition at BusinessAcademy: Our students from various institutions provide high-quality, creative solutions

Students enrolled at BusinessAcademy, ITAcademy and InternetAcademy, as well as ITS students, enjoyed the opportunity to enhance and apply the acquired knowledge by solving realistic business problems.
At the Case Study Competition, seven teams designed and presented creative case study solutions. The teams had the task to design a project for supporting future programmers and web designers, or design and organize an IT startup conference. Each team had 15 minutes to present its idea to a committee, after which team and committee members discussed the presented ideas.
The chairperson of the committee, Nevenka Popović Šević, pointed out that all the solutions were very creative and that the students require such an experience.
“Regardless of what field they are in – IT, marketing, management or business – it is highly important that they develop public speaking and presentation skills; be persuasive when publicly presenting and defending their idea in front of the members of a top management team.”

Following the presentations, the committee discussed the performances and declared LINK me the winner; their task had been to design and organize an IT startup conference.
“In my view, the thing that set us apart from the other teams was the fact that we approached the process in a very analytic manner. Two other factors contributed as well: the development of the IT startup conference app and the mentorship program”, said Miloš Jekić, the leader of the winning team.
All participants received certificates confirming they mastered the art of solving case study problems, while the members of the winning team also received tablet computers.
This kind of competition gives the students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge, become more resourceful and enhance a number of skills – team work, communication skills, time management, presentation, decision making and many other skills that are necessary for conducting business in an increasingly dynamic environment.
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