ITHS - The first school in the region to use tablets in teaching

Tablet computers have been introduced as mandatory teaching tools for students and teachers at ITHS. Around 150 tablet computers TOSHIBA were given to our students and teachers who will use them in everyday school activities.

Since the direction the teaching process has been taking lately is toward use of touchscreen technology and tablet computers - because the advantages of such approach to the teaching process are rather considerable, both regarding organization and in the sense of methodology and education, these devices will be used to the highest possible degree at ITHS.

ITHS is the first school in the region that has developed this form of teaching. Use of tablet computers in education involves a great number of benefits, and it is a great pleasure to be able to provide them to our students.

 The most important thing is that this kind of organization of teaching places the student at the center of the education process; it makes the student active, and renders the acquired knowledge applicable. Students will use tablets as workbooks (mandatory tool for school and school-related activities): for work in classes, for homework, for simulation of certain activities - laboratory exercises, etc. Also, tablet computer will be used as online notebook the teachers will have access to and where they will be able to leave comments and grades for students. All students will be in a network and they will log in using school email.

Teachers of different subjects will use applications useful for the subject in question. Edmodo, Gmail, Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Earth, Hangout, YouTube, Geogebra, PhotoShop - PS Touch, Nearpod, Video Maker - these are only some of the applications that will considerably contribute to faster, higher-quality and more productive adopting of information in class. They will be able to publish online presentations right after classes so that the students can access a certain material at any time. Also, the teachers will be able to keep a record of the students’ activities using tablet computers.

The primary goal of this endeavor is for the students to get acquainted with a great number of different current applications, while the ultimate goal is for them to acquire the designated knowledge using information technology, which constitutes an entirely new approach to education.

You can view photographs from the event of providing ITHS students with tablets in ITHS website gallery.

Watch the video that conveys the atmosphere from this event.


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