LINK group Becomes Official Cambridge English Exam Center

LINK group has become an official exam center for taking Cambridge English examinations and acquiring prestigious certificates in the field.
Through our fruitful cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment, we have joined the few open-type exam centers in the region that are authorized to administer exams and preparation courses for candidates learning or teaching English. This means that in our Open Exam Center, you can take Cambridge English exams regardless of whether you have previously attended a preparation course or not.
Having met the high professional standards of the aforementioned organization, LINK group is now authorized to evaluate your English level, provide top-quality training and enable you to take exams for some of the most valued qualifications in the world.

Cambridge English Language Assessment – more than a hundred years of experience and expertise

Cambridge English Language Assessment has been assessing English levels worldwide for over a century, and has cooperated with around 2,800 exam centers and more than 52,000 preparation centers.
The unique approach to learning and English language evaluation applied by this organization is a combination of experience and expertise that guarantees top-quality knowledge.

Exams for a successful career

Cambridge English helps you learn English and prove your language skills. The preparation for the Cambridge English exam will provide you with self-confidence and the skills necessary to communicate with people from all over the world.
The exams are recognized by more than 20,000 universities, numerous secondary schools, as well as the entire private and public sector worldwide. All Cambridge English exams are classified into four groups according to candidates’ needs: 
  • Young Learners
  • General English and English for School
  • Academic and Professional English
  • Business English
By passing a Cambridge English exam, you will acquire an internationally recognized certificate proving your English level and communication skills. This way, you can easily confirm the required language level and set yourself apart from other candidates.
All you need to do in order to take this exam is to register in our exam center and select the exam that suits your education level. If you are not sure what exam you should take, this free 25-question test will help you find out.
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